R&D Advice

By default, any product that is used by a consumer will be sensed, perceived, acted upon, remembered, liked/disliked thereby engaging with multiple levels of brain and mind function – often in ways that are not immediately apparent to those who make the products nor those who use them!  Whether establishing a new R&D program, or searching for new insights for innovation, a scoping exercise with NeuroSci can provide valuable insight.

Having established neuroscience research laboratories in academic, clinical, and industrial research facilities Dr McGlone has the experiences to guide R&D laboratory senior managers on how the set up similar facilities in terms of equipment and personnel. However, the most efficient and cost-effective way to progress much research is to use the knowledge and infrastructure of existing high quality research groups within academia.  NeuroSci is very well connected with top-class research institutes around the world, and has a core competence in translating the ‘needs’ of the business customer to the  ‘wants’ of the academic partner in order to secure the best kind of working relationship between the two.  If you want to work with the best brains then you need to have the best problems for them to solve – fuelling this fire requires knowledge of each partners requirements and NeuroSci has that knowledge.